Engagement Models

Flexible Business Collaboration for Maximum Growth

Level of control and responsibility are 2 main pillars of collaboration between a client and a service provider.  Ziance Technologies, through tailored and flexible engagement models, caters to diverse financial, logistical, and technological client needs.

We ensure that our collaboration aligns with your strengths and abilities concerning contract duration, obligations, responsibilities, and commitments to other business functions. Further, our engagement models also allow you to leverage outsourced services at their best, whether you are an independent software vendor, a small and mid-size enterprise, or a large corporation.

Optimum costs and highest quality – what we preach and practice at Ziance Technologies.

Our Engagement Models

Fixed Time and Cost Estimate

This model operates based on a specified requirements document, catering to clients with well-defined needs, clear timelines, and project specifications. The estimated time and project price are predetermined, with clients making payments after the completion of each milestone. This model is Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses with fixed requirements and budget constraints, it allows for a lump-sum payment for every deliverable.

Time and Material

This model is suitable when clients have dynamic project requirements where the specifications are not predefined, and requirements evolve over the time. Billed on an hourly basis, it involves charges for a defined set of resources, allowing flexibility to adjust team size, project duration, and required resources Beneficial for projects involving ad hoc programming, code review, product research, support, and design changes, it allows constant evolution of project specifications.

Offshore Development Center

Think of our Offshore Development Center as your extended team. Specifically designed for clients looking for dedicated, full-time expert developers. We'll assign team members based on your specific requirements, whether it's a project manager, developer, tester, or consultant. This model is perfect for large, ongoing projects that need continuous support and maintenance, providing you with cost-effective and fully manageable project resources.

Software Creation and IP Rights Transfer

Ziance Technologies stands out in delivering white hat software development solutions through the Software Creation and IP Rights Transfer model. In this approach, we undertake the development of custom software products, applications, websites, and mobile apps tailored to our client's needs. The distinctive feature of this model is the complete transfer of ownership and Intellectual Property (IP) rights to our clients.