Software Solutions

Empowering Your Business to Be the Next Big Thing

Custom Software Products

Are you willing to kick-start your digital evolution journey and transform your dreams into a realistic business model?

Software products have always reinvented business strategies and helped in improving its performance in the market. When it comes to designing smart and innovative software products, Ziance Technologies is the emerging IT solutions provider. We take pride in offering robust, reliable, and scalable software products to impart intelligence and agility to your business.

Our Software Solutions

We have a professional and highly experienced software development team to create products that excel the market expectations.

Custom Software

We deliver custom-designed software to our clients across different industries, catering to their specific requirements, market trends, project scope and the demands of their customers.

Digital Products

Our digital software solutions are meant to streamline your business functions while improving your productivity in terms of providing excellent customer experiences to your users.

AR and VR Products

Users demand applications that can interact with real-world environments. Our AR/ VR products help your customers live their imagination for real in their place and at their comfort.

SaaS Software

We employ technical enthusiasts to develop SaaS applications that help you bridge the gaps in the business operations with software integrations, improved product versions, plugins, and extensions.

Connected Products

Our connected products are smart, technology-embedded to sense, collect, and process data from their surroundings and share it with other devices to meet the desired purpose.

AI Products

Smart, intelligent technology drives the future of business, and our expertise lies here. We create unrivalled AI products that outperform human intelligence, reinventing your business strategies.

Why Choose Our Software Solutions?

  • Experienced Team

    With Ziance Technologies, you can avail a highly qualified and experienced team that will cater to your specific requirements and business standards.

  • Customized Offerings

    We are adept at offering custom-tailored software solutions, scrutinizing your project scope, duration, and budget along with technical requirements.

  • Comprehensive Reports

    You can oversee the entire project at your end with our daily/ weekly project reports and a dedicated project manager to guide the development process.

  • IPR Protection

    We provide our clients with full software creation and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) after deploying the final software product at their site.

How can you help us with a product idea?

We can help you in either of the two ways - if you have a product idea, we can analyse your product requirements, budget, feasibility, and scope to come up with a software solution. Else, if you don’t have an idea but raw expectations from us, we would be happy to brew something unique and creative.

What is your software development process?

We follow a custom development process based on our clients’ requirements. Here is a general process that every product goes through. Analyzing your product requirements, Designing a prototype, Implementing the algorithms, Testing the product, Deploying product to your site, Support and maintenance.

Can you follow our business standards while developing the software?

Yes, our team is well-trained to follow the exact development standards even when working with clients from multiple industries. We understand that every business has different terms and conditions concerning how their products perform in the market and we are firm at keeping up those conditions.

Do we have complete property rights?

Yes, after we deliver the final product at your site, you are the sole owner of the software and IPR rights.

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