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At Ziance Technologies, innovation and commitment fuel our journey. From a modest beginning as an online venture, we soon blossomed into a global IT service provider, reshaping markets with cutting-edge digital solutions. With over 50 members of our global team, we’re at the forefront of technology’s evolution.

At Ziance Technologies, we prioritize employee well-being and work-life balance with flexible schedules beyond the conventional 9-5 hours. Our competitive salary package, including bonuses and perks, is designed to motivate and incentivize our team. We foster a strong team culture through regular team-building camps, providing a refreshing break from routine work and promoting creativity, innovation, and collaborative relationships among our employees.


Perks and Benefits

Flexible schedule

We understand that you are working tirelessly for us and want to take the organization to great heights, but we also want you to balance your professional and personal front. Hence our flexible schedule will edge you to maintain this. The standard 9-5 hours, which are stipulated mechanically, are not what we believe in. Our Work from Home policy is one of our arrangements for flexible working conditions. The work from arrangement also is designed in such a way that it would not only enhance your work-life balance but also edge up your productivity.

New Apple Laptop

At Ziance technologies, when you join us, you become a part of our family. So, we provide you with a new apple laptop so that innovation is edged up more. We believe that your creative minds should not be restricted, and you bring your innovation to achieve the best results for us. A new apple laptop with the latest iOS technology will allow you to allow portable work even outside the office premises. It will help you organize and access files easily and make it easier for you to work and focus on delivering outstanding ROI..

Paid Holidays

We believe and appreciate all the hard work that you put for us. But we also want you to focus on your well-being too for which we provide you paid leaves for your vacations so that you can refresh yourself and work with renewed vigor when you return. We understand that our work is challenging and keeps you engaged throughout the day; hence our paid holidays will allow you to travel, relax and spend some valuable time with your loved ones without getting worried about anything. Thus, we believe in giving the necessary flexibility to all our employees.

Open Cafeteria

At Ziance Technologies, we understand your social needs. Our open cafeteria is designed to strengthen community building and make way for your informal collaborations. You can interact with your colleagues over lunch over various workplace issues in a comfortable workplace environment. It also helps us build a better cultural environment by providing an agile workspace for relaxation, innovation, and engagement.

Competitive Salary

We seek to offer you a competitive salary package to be motivated to take our work to new heights. We seek to incentivize our employees to promote their engagement and increased loyalty. Our salary package is an optimum mix of bonuses, incentives, and perks. This includes paid insurance benefits providing medical, vision, and dental insurance—our paid leave policy, which will cover your vacation, personal and sick days. Our competitive salary package looks after your well -being thereby increasing the overall office morale and productivity

Team Building Camps

At Ziance Technologies, we seek to develop a holistic team culture where you will learn to work effectively, thereby increasing the overall efficiency. We seek to undertake regular team building activities which will offer you a refreshing and nice break from the regular work. We want to increase our employee's motivation and increase their confidence in their teams. Through our team-building camps, you and your team will come up with enhanced creativity and innovation for us. It will also guide you to build relationships and develop networks of contacts outside your routine space.

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