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Ziance Tech serves as the ultimate destination for hiring UI/UX Designers to fulfill your design requirements. With over ten years of certified experience, our team of creative design experts utilizes a combination of science and design methodologies to offer user-centric solutions that positively impact business outcomes and user satisfaction.

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Design Responsive Apps with HTML and CSS

Our HTML CSS developers provide all-in-one solutions for all your HTML/CSS development needs. They offer a wide range of HTML CSS-based applications, and they are industry professionals well-versed in the conception, design, and execution of your web apps with a consistent look and feel and exceptional design.

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Our HTML and CSS Developer Expertise

With over 12+ years of experience, we are the market leaders in HTML and CSS development. When it comes to hiring HTML CSS developers, our team consists of experts who specialize in crafting clean, well-structured, and code that adheres to industry standards. With a deep understanding of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, our developers and designers are highly proficient in developing top-quality applications that surpass your design expectations.
HTML/CSS Web and Mobile App Development
HTML5 Widget Development
JavaScript/JQuery Expertise
eCommerce/CMS Frameworks Migration
HTML5 Game Development
Improved Loading Speed with the Latest Technology
Browser Developer Tools
CSS Preprocessing and Responsive Design
Testing and Debugging
Manually Written Optimized Code

Designing Tools We Use

Our business expansion strategies are supported by top-notch tools, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative methodologies to ensure optimal growth.


Materialize | Bulma | Semantic UI | Tailwind CSS | Bootstrap | Foundation


SQLite | MongoDB | PostgreSQL | Firebase | MySQL

Unit/E2E Testing

jQuery | React | Vue.js | Angular | Svelte


Visual Studio Code | Sublime Text | Atom | CodePen | Emmet | Sass

UI/UX Designing Tools

Zoom | GoToMeeting | Skype | Slack | Microsoft Teams | Hangouts | Google Meet


JIRA | Trello | BaseCamp | GitHub | Bitbucket | GitLab


Facebook API | Instagram API | YouTube API | Spotify API | Google API | GitHub API | Google Maps API | Payment Method Integration | Twilio API | Apache | Nginx

Upgrade Services


Deployment Process

Adobe Dreamweaver | Adobe XD | Sketch | Figma | Zeplin

Deployment Process

Github Co-Pilot | ChatGPT

Build Your Team with HTML/CSS Developers from Ziance

The HTML and CSS developers at Ziance are highly experienced in all aspects of HTML/CSS development. We ensure the optimal use of top-notch features and functionalities for your project. Whether your project is new or existing, our experienced HTML CSS developers have proven expertise in building next-generation software solutions.

Our HTML CSS Developer Hiring Process

Our HTML/CSS developer hiring process at Ziance Technologies is meticulous and aimed at identifying top talent to join our team. We start by defining clear job requirements and responsibilities, ensuring that candidates understand the expectations. Next, we source candidates through various channels, including job boards, social media, and referrals, seeking individuals with significant experience in HTML/CSS development. Once we have a pool of potential candidates, we screen resumes and portfolios to assess skills, experience, and qualifications.

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