AIJEL or HyperLink

Ziance Technologies has spearheaded the development of a groundbreaking platform, serving as a comprehensive legal handbook for judgments delivered by the Gujarat High Court. The application is designed to empower users with seamless access to an extensive database of court judgments, providing a valuable resource that can be consulted with the option to seek legal advice.

One of the core strengths of this platform lies in its vast and easily navigable database. Users can efficiently search through a multitude of court judgments using a diverse range of search filters such as Topic, Full-Text, Act, Section, Court, Appellant, Respondent, Decision Date, Date Range, Case No, Hyperlink ID, Judges, Advocates, and Bare Acts. This intricate search functionality ensures precision and convenience in retrieving relevant legal information anytime and anywhere.

The platform goes beyond traditional legal databases by incorporating a specialized Bare Acts and Rules search engine. Ziance Technologies has implemented an advanced system that enables users to explore inner sections within the act pages and access footnotes, offering a comprehensive understanding of legal provisions.

User-centric features play a significant role in enhancing the application’s functionality. Users can bookmark specific judgments for quick reference, access a free trial, and benefit from detailed explanations of different acts. The app also serves as an educational guide, providing users with insights on how to search effectively and understand complex court terminologies.

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