Amazon D3Ploy

Ziance Technologies played a pivotal role in the comprehensive development and successful implementation of Amazon D3Ploy on the Amazon platform.
This platform serves as Amazon’s efficient and budget-friendly vulnerability report system, accommodating diverse financial considerations. Our dedicated team actively contributed to shaping and refining the various features of Amazon D3Ploy, including the creation of a Dashboard, Projects, Document Library, Composite View, Access Map, Module Tracker, Milestone Review, Financial Management, and Financial Management Reports.

Throughout the design, development, and deployment phases, our focus remained on optimizing performance, enhancing reliability, and elevating the user experience across Amazon D3Ploy’s functionalities.

By leveraging our technical expertise, we aimed to build a robust and efficient system that seamlessly aligns with the dynamic requirements set by Amazon for its deployment services. The result is a sophisticated and reliable platform that adheres to the high standards set by Amazon for deployment solutions.

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