Pushpak AI

Pushpak AI stands at the convergence of innovation and practicality, delivering futurist services to its users. Our expertise lies in leveraging Python, complemented seamlessly by AngularJS.

Within our portfolio, we have engineered Vehicle Entry-Exit systems, where Python serves as the robust foundation of the application. Angular, our chosen front-end technology, enhances the user experience with its responsive and dynamic interface.

In the domain of surveillance and security, our Number Plate Detection feature showcases an efficient system adept at precisely identifying and processing number plates across diverse scenarios. Our implementation of COVID safety features facilitates the implementation and management of safety protocols during the ongoing pandemic.

The People Counting solutions feature provides real-time insights into crowd dynamics, contributing to effective analytics and decision-making.

Our Facial Recognition applications exemplify our dedication to an engaging and efficient user experience. Python, at the backend, powers complex algorithms for facial analysis and identification, while Angular ensures a seamless and user-friendly interaction for individuals engaging with facial recognition systems.

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