The Pushti Satsang App has been steered to its present position by Ziance Technologies, which has crafted it as a user-centered and rich in features platform that enhances the involvement of users in Pushtimarg community. Being unique among apps, it allows users access to live Santsang feeds and latest videos of Pushtimargiya events, katha, and pravachan. In addition, this app is packed with different contents thus enabling users to explore the latest books and blog articles for improving their spiritual journey.

In addition, this app acts as a central point to keep the members updated on various happenings within the community. Moreover, through interactive platform, one can have virtual darshan of various Utsavs; manorath or events are hence creating sense of belongingness through online connections between members of Pushtimarg community.

Therefore, Pushti Satsang App developed by Ziance Technologies stands out because of comprehensive nature relieving spiritual questers from loneliness while providing them with an opportunity for interacting with one another in understanding about devotions of Lord Krishna (Pushtimarg).

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