SportBuddy is a sports hook-up platform developed by Ziance Technologies. empowers users of all abilities to connect, filter search, match, chat, and meet new SportBuddies with ease.
With SportBuddy, users can seamlessly filter search results, match with compatible SportBuddies, initiate conversations, and arrange meetups for various sports and activities.
Furthermore, SportBuddy serves as a valuable networking tool for gyms and sports clubs. Users can conveniently connect with fellow members of their gyms, clubs, and boot camps, fostering new friendships and training partnerships. isn’t just about finding new training partners; it’s about breaking down barriers and connecting with like-minded individuals. Whether you’ve been sharing the gym floor or jogging on adjacent treadmills for months, SportBuddy provides the perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation and expand your circle of SportBuddies.
Additionally, facilitates the search for additional team members, making it an ideal platform for teams and sports groups to recruit new members.

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