Ziance Technologies has played a big part in making the GHA Pre-Medical platform awesome. This health assistant platform is made especially for group homes and has features to make health and admin effects easy. The tech element by Ziance Technologies … Read More


Kasamba is a dynamic and multifaceted platform that goes beyond traditional horoscope readings. This user-centric platform serves as a comprehensive hub for astrology enthusiasts, offering personalized horoscope readings, insightful astrological content, and a variety of features to engage users. The … Read More

Amazon D3Ploy

Ziance Technologies played a pivotal role in the comprehensive development and successful implementation of Amazon D3Ploy on the Amazon platform.This platform serves as Amazon’s efficient and budget-friendly vulnerability report system, accommodating diverse financial considerations. Our dedicated team actively contributed to … Read More

Benchmark Estimating Software

Ziance Technologies helped create Benchmark Estimating Software to make estimating easier for different businesses. We added smart tools and features to the software, so businesses can be more accurate, save time, and manage project costs better. The software has an … Read More

AIJEL or HyperLink

Ziance Technologies has spearheaded the development of a groundbreaking platform, serving as a comprehensive legal handbook for judgments delivered by the Gujarat High Court. The application is designed to empower users with seamless access to an extensive database of court … Read More


Plastodeal stands as a transformative platform reshaping processes within the plastics industry, with Ziance Technologies at the forefront of implementing innovative features for enhanced user experience. A key highlight is the integrated marketplace, serving as a centralized hub for buying … Read More


Ziance Technologies designed and implemented features that prioritize fair play, security, and user-friendly interactions, ensuring PureGambler stands as a premier destination in the online gambling industry. Key features crafted by Ziance Technologies include a sophisticated casino games suite with a … Read More

Ticket Souq

Ziance Technologies undertook a transformative journey to bring Ticket Souq to life, a comprehensive platform designed to revolutionize the ticketing process for diverse events and experiences. Rooted in the vision of simplifying the ticketing terrain, Ticket Souq emerged as a … Read More

Pushpak AI

Pushpak AI stands at the convergence of innovation and practicality, delivering futurist services to its users. Our expertise lies in leveraging Python, complemented seamlessly by AngularJS. Within our portfolio, we have engineered Vehicle Entry-Exit systems, where Python serves as the … Read More


We transformed the HPE software license technology, shifting from the earlier v1-based system to embrace the unconventional React and Node technology stack. This transition to the React and Node technology stack brings forth a multitude of technical advancements. React, renowned … Read More